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Haag-Streit is a leading provider of instruments and medical-practice equipment for ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians. For more than 50 years, the Haag-Streit Lamp has been regarded as the standard instrument for ophthalmic diagnosis. Our long-term experience establishes a distinct advantage in the development, design and production of diagnostic instruments, including the attributes of

Octopus® 600

See the new pulse in perimetry

  • Novel perimeter technology for early diagnosis and standard white-on-white perimetry in one compact sized instrument 
  • Easy, straight forward operation with touch screen optimized and networkable EyeSuite® software that saves you and your patients time 
  • World innovation in perimetry – fast and reliable Pulsar test method for early glaucoma detection. 

    A perfect team: Early diagnosis and standard white-on-white perimetry in one device
    The Octopus® 600 extends the successful HAAG STREIT product range of visual field analysers combining the Pulsar method for early glaucoma detection and standard white-on-white perimetry for long term follow-up in one compact and standalone device. It is the first visual field analyser that performs standard white-on-white perimetry on an integrated flicker-free screen, using TFT and LED technology.

     - Standalone or network integration 
     - Small footprint 
     - Maintenance-free LED background illumination 
     - No darkroom required

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Retrofit your existing Haag-Streit Slit Lamp to LED, and Shatter the Status Quo

Introducing the LED Retrofit Kit for the BM 900 and the BQ 900. Try the new Haag-Streit LED slit lamp and you'll:

  • Observe eye structures in breathtaking detail
  • More power in the short wave lengths improves fluorescence and anterior chamber illumination
  • Cooler operation is more comfortable for doctor and patient
  • Retrofit kits include LED light housing, brand new table top with power supply, rheostat controls and more
  • Retrofit kit for BQ 900 includes 2nd LED for Imaging background illumination
  • Target lifetime of LED Illumination Unit is 35,000 hours

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900BQ® Slit Lamp

"Do You Need Exceptional Versatility and Optics in Your Next Slit Lamp?"

  • Excellent optics, versatility and ease of operation is the standard for advanced slit lamp microscopy.
  • A universal, modular system, the BQ900® offers simultaneous video and still photography through either professional or consumer level cameras.
  • The IM 900 Imaging Module is a fully integrated imaging solution offering unique features and technology.
  • A range of optional accessories include a teaching scope, inclined eyepiece and, for retinal specialist, the unique stereo variator.
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The Stimuli™

Advanced Refraction Equipment - the Stimuli™ Visual Acuity System

  • Randomizes optotypes and eliminates patient memory effect.
  • Calibrates for long, short, or folded exam rooms.
  • Wide Dynamic Range, High Sensitivity
  • Offers pediatric patients special video and fixation targets.
  • Resolves to Sub-pixel accuracy.
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Eyecap Digital ™

Eyecap™ Digital is a complete image capture and management system that has been developed with cooperation from several leading ophthalmic clinicians, ophthalmic photographers and optometrists as a means to simply, accurately and securely document the eye using the slit lamp and/or fundus camera.

  • Highest Quality Images
  • Simple operation
  • Full relational database
  • Vast online storage
  • High level of data security
  • Digital capture from multiple sources
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Octopus 300 Pro Perimeter ™

The Octopus 300 has additional hardware and software features to meet with the requirements of the most demanding clinics or teaching institutions.

  • Standard with B/Y perimetry.
  • Selection of user defined test parameters for experimental or clinical studies.
  • Ethernet connection with built-in LAN adapter (Option).
  • Capacity for further tests including Flicker- and Color perimetry, Pupillometry and more (Options).
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