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Sonomed is the worldwide leader in ophthalmic ultrasound, with 30 years of experience helping ophthalmic professionals use ultrasound to measure, diagnose, and plan. Sonomed systems and probes are engineered to the highest standards - standards that Sonomed has itself developed over the years.

300P Pacscan Pachymeter

The PacScan 300P offers a portable, digital pachymeter, with easy-to-use touch screen operation, extreme accuracy, repeatable measurements and reliability. The combination of a high frequency, low noise probe and fast precise algorithms enables automatic scan capture immediately upon steady application of the probe onto the cornea.

Measurement accuracy and repeatability are assured by each scan actually consisting of 256 individual measurements and an automatic measurement algorithm to ensure that only scans with proper probe alignment are accepted. The high probe frequency and processing algorithms enable measures as thin as 125 microns, for measuring corneal flap or bed, and multiple corneal maps are available. Also comes standard with central corneal thickness correction calculator for measured applanation IOP.

  • Touch screen operation with large backlit display.
  • Complete measurement and calculation record within seconds.
  • Ability to store up to five different user profiles.
  • Portable and compact weighing less than 6 pounds (3 kg).
  • Fully adjustable tilt for ergonomic comfort.
  • Optional printer.
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Vu Max Ultrasound Biomicroscope

For superior image quality, look no further than the
VuMax Ultrasound Biomicroscope system - the most advanced and versatile high-frequency ultrasound technology available today.

With the VuMax Ultrasound Biomicroscope system, you can quickly and easily obtain and analyze accurate, two-dimensional high resolution digital ultrasound videos and images of the anterior segment of the eye to support diagnostics, glaucoma management, pre- and post-operative decision-making for IOL, ICL, and accommodative IOL insertions and other procedures, and patient monitoring.

  • Probe handpiece with choice of two transducers - 35 or 50 MHz.
  • Proprietary image enhancing Focus Software to produce stunning low-noise, high resolution images.
  • User-selectable preset modes to optimize detailing different areas, structures, and functions within the eye – preset modes include sulcus-to-sulcus, angle detail, high resolution, and motion picture.
  • Recording of an unlimited number of video clips, with the ability to review and save individual frames as jpeg or bitmap images.
  • Calibrated measurement tools, including digital calipers for accurately measuring multiple distances at once, including sulcus-to-sulcus and other distances, angle measurement tool for measuring closure angle, and automated measurements of anterior chamber depth and lens thickness.
  • Integrated database with patient demographic and exam history, including archival of all video clips and still images.
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MV5600 Master-Vu B-Scan

The Master-Vu B-Scan provides unparalleled portability and intuitive operation. Capable of capturing both still images and video clips, the Master-Vu provides excellent image resolution with a full set of features including display of A-scan trace across a selectable vector, near-mid-far gain controls, zoom and pan capabilities, multiple measurement functions, annotation, and more.

Usable with laptop, desktop, or tablet PCs, the Master-Vu B-Scan is extremely intuitive and easy to use and has the trusted trademark Sonomed reliability. Some of the features include:

  • Simple USB connection to most any PC, including tablet touch screen PC’s.
  • Captures both still image and video clips with on-probe activation switch.
  • Frame-by-frame review of video clips provided for selection of optimal images.
  • Selectable simultaneous A-scan vector.
  • Easy to use measurement calipers for distance and angle measurements.
  • Continuous zoom and pan functions.
  • Near-mid-far gain, contrast, and TVG controls for optimal diagnostic capability.
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