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"Design Products Equipped With the Most Advanced Technology"

For over 40 years, Tomey has been the worldwide leader in the eyecare industry producing user friendly and accurate devices at affordable costs. Through Computed Anatomy, Tomey has pioneered the Corneal Topography market and continues to work at the forefront of today's optometric and ophthalmic instrumentation.

RC-800 Auto Refkeratometer

Simple and Speedy Measurement

  • Highly Accurate 
  • Simple to Use 
  • Diameter Measurement of Cornea and Pupil 
  • High Speed Printer 
  • Auto Shot  
  • Color Touch Screen

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EM 3000 Specular Microscope

Easy photographing using the touch alignment

Simply touching the center of the pupil displayed on the screen centers the image. You can then take photos immediately with the Auto Alignment and Auto Shot functions by lightly pressing the center of the screen and moving the measuring head toward the patient’s eye. Touching the eye display button automatically moves the measuring head to the other eye, so the patient does not need to move their face.

  • Easy photographing using the touch alignment.
  • Series of 15 photographs taken in one pass.
  • Wide photographing range.
  • 7 capturing positions.
  • Quick and automatic analysis.
  • Various display functions.
  • Manual photographing.
  • LED light source.
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TMS-4a Corneal Topographer

Statistical Indices

Simulated K, Minimum K, Average Corneal Power, Potential Visual Acuity, Surface Regularity Index, Surface Asymmetry Index, Corneal Eccentricity Index, Irregular Astigmatism Index, Standard Deviation pf Corneal Power, Analyzed Area, Elevation/Depression Power, Elevation/Depression Diameter, Simulated Keratometric Cylinder Change.

  • USB connection.
  • Auto shot function.
  • Large Patient Database.
  • Easy Database Operation.
  • Multi-Language Operation.
  • Fourier Refractive Analysis.
  • Quick Data Reference.
  • Built-in LCD Alignment
  • Keratoconus Screening & Other Applications
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TL 100 Auto Lensmeter

New Generation of Auto Lensmeter

The TOMEY TL-100 Replacing manual lensmeters will be automatic, because the TL-100 preforms reading automatically quickly, and accurately.

  • Automated Measurement.
  • Automatic Detection of Progressive Lenses.
  • Easy-to-read back Illuminated Display.
  • Fast and Easy to Use.
  • Prism Measurement.
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