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Ophthalmic Equipment and Instruments - Your Perfect Partner for Sales and Support In Florida

The ophthalmic equipment and instruments used in your practice should just fade into the background.  You need to be able to trust the equipment will work everyday, and when it has any problems assistance is just a quick phone call away.  For ophthalmologists and optometrists in Florida the choice for your equipment partner is very easy, Bayou Ophthalmic.
If your practice is located anywhere along the panhandle and I-10 corridor  you can trust Bayou Ophthalmic.  Bayou serves the cities of Pensacola, Destin, Panama City, Jacksonville and every city in between.  The support team is ready to serve you throughout the state.
Your Florida ophthalmology practice requires service from trained professionals who understand the latest equipment from companies like Haag-Streit, Marco, Reichert Technologies, Tomey, and all the other top ophthalmology equipment producers.  Bayou Ophthalmics has over 80 years of combined experience in servicing practices throughout the gulf state region and Florida.  They understand your needs to have new installations or repairs done quickly without disruption to your clients.
Your practice must have the best support whether the equipment is a simple examination chair, a retinoscope, or an ultrasound biomicroscope.  Every investment you make in your practice needs to perform flawlessly and be repaired quickly when problems occur.  Your cash flow is at risk whenever equipment is down, plus the challenges of rescheduling patients who quickly become frustrated.  
Many ophthalmologists choose to setup an extra examination room filled with pre-owned equipment for patient overflow and to increase their ability to serve more patients.  Pre-owned equipment is a great choice for reducing your budget, but requires even greater expertise in support.  When you consider any pre-owned equipment make sure you deal with a company who can provide you with local support and service.
When considering expanding your practice, or adding new services, the ability to get a great return on your investment is critical.  The experts at Bayou Ophthalmic have specialized in assisting ophthalmologists and optometrists in Florida with finding financing options and the proper choice of equipment to serve their patients with the highest return on your investment.
Bayou Ophthalmic is the leader in providing the finest brands, highest levels of service, and quality support in Florida.  Combining your expertise in caring for patients with their expertise in ophthalmic equipment and instruments is the perfect partnership.