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Bayou Ophthalmic Equipment and Instruments - The Ophthalmologist's Partner in Alabama

Without your ophthalmic equipment and instruments you are nearly blind.  Your equipment is your guide to diagnosing your patients eyes, and when the equipment is not working properly your office grinds to a stop.  Your practice in Alabama needs a partner you can call at a moments notice for support and service.  
Bayou Ophthalmic is the partner you have been hoping to find.  Serving the entire state of Alabama including the cities of Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, Huntsville, and Tuscaloosa.  Bayou can provide support and new equipment in any corner of the state.
What companies have you come to trust for your ophthalmic equipment?  Bayou Ophthalmic offers sales, support, and service from the companies eye professionals trust including WelchAllyn, Sonomed, Ocular Instruments, Canon, and all your other favorite companies.  With over 80 years of combined experience in sales and support of these top brands you will have confidence in your examination room running perfectly.
Doctors are often faced with the dilemma of working with numerous companies for outfitting their examination rooms.  Bayou Ophthalmic can reduce your work and eliminate your need to keep a sheet filled with support phone numbers.  Carrying a full line of ophthalmic instruments from ophthalmoscopes and refractors to examination chairs and instrument stands, you only need one number for all your support needs.
You can trust the experts from Bayou to help you in selecting the proper equipment to fill your specifications.  With their expertise and training with a variety of products from top ophthalmic equipment companies they can guide you to options you might be overlooking.  Often the difference between having equipment which grows with your practice and equipment which restricts your practice is the proper advice up front.
The biggest issue facing you in purchasing new equipment is the disruption to your practice.  You cannot afford to shut down your office for prolonged periods waiting for the installation to be completed.  You need the work to be done quickly and professionally.  This is when the 80 years of experience for Bayou Ophthalmic becomes critical.  They know your needs and work to make sure your office is faced with minimal disruptions.
Eye care professionals in Alabama trust Bayou Ophthalmic for providing the finest equipment, high levels of support, and the best advice for ophthalmic equipment and instruments.  Are you ready to experience the difference?