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Ophthalmic Equipment and Instruments - 80 Years of Quality Sales and Service in Texas

Your Ophthalmic equipment and instruments are the lifeblood of your practice.  New installations must happen quickly, without delays, and professionally.  Service on new equipment needs to be done locally by trained technicians and get your practice back in business rapidly.  Every lost moment without your critical equipment is lost dollars, and leads to aggravated patients.
Bayou Ophthalmic has been providing high quality sales and service in Texas, including the cities of Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, San Antonio, Austin, El Paso, and stretching to include the smallest towns from the Gulf Coast to the Oklahoma border.
The professional consultants and technicians are trained and certified on your favorite lines of equipment from Canon, Ocular Instruments, Sonomed, WelchAllyn, and many other top companies.  With 80 years of combined experience serving Ophthalmology and Optometry offices they understand your needs and the proper way to service a face paced practice.
The refractors, slit lamps, or high-tech corneal topographer all require the same careful attention to detail to keep your practice running every day.  Your clientele do not want to hear about a broken reclining examination chair, they just want to get their eye examination completed and get on with their day.  Every piece of equipment you use in your practice is essential, and requires local service and support.
Keeping your ophthalmic equipment budget under control is equally important.  If you are considering purchasing refurbished or used equipment your requirements for high quality support increases even further.  Bayou Ophthalmic offers used equipment to help your practice stay in budget.  This is an excellent option for outfitting an extra examination room to increase your ability to serve additional clients.  
The final component you will need from any supplier is financing options.  One option favored in many practices is leasing higher cost equipment to allow the expenditure to be spread over several years using the cash flow of your new services to pay for the equipment.  Bayou Ophthalmics equipment experts can advise you on financing options to ensure your office can afford the equipment it needs.
Whenever you need service or new ophthalmic equipment for your practice in Texas choose a company with experience and proven performance in your area, Bayou Ophthalmic.